Create Success From Strength

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‘Strength Without Stress’.

How to Create Success From Strength

Sign up today for our Online Course

‘Strength Without Stress’.

Create Success From Strength

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The New York Times Gold Seal of Excellence book from Amanda J Scott, “Create Success From Strength”, looks at strength in a new light to find your inner strength.

One Day Workshop

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Book yourself and/or your team for a 1 day workshop with Amanda. This is a unique 5 step program that focuses on managing and maintaining inner strength.

Private Video Consultation

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If you’re looking to receive a truly personalised session to build inner strength and confidence to be the best version of yourself, book a one-on-one video consultation with Amanda today.


What is Your Current Inner Strength Level?

Anna Mitsios

Amanda’s passion, skill and techniques along with her incredible confidence in my growth has provided me with the ability to positively change my mindset, habits and environment to create growth and success in my business.

The Create Success From Strength program allowed me to banish personal habits and negative thought patterns that were restricting my success.

Positive change becomes very quick and real with Amanda’s guidance.

Edible Beauty Australia


As an Australian Army Officer, I’m frequently in stressful situations. Over the years Amanda has provided great comfort by educating me on properly handling stress. Most importantly, I completely trust Amanda to keep my personal information confidential.

Australian Army

Robert Mooy

For some years now Amanda has provided assistance to my clients and friends who were going through intensely stressful situations. All of those individuals have provided positive feedback about Amanda’s treatment. One client recently commented,

“ Amanda has energised me and provided me with the tools and knowledge to cope with my situation through using the Create Success From Strength program. ”

As a Lawyer, having Amanda available to assist clients with stress allows me to focus on the legal management of their case.


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